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We do our best to give you what you want. Our bowling tournament site will provide you the following information:
  • Payout – We know it’s all about the MONEY!! Show your bowling skills and win that money!
  • Lane Conditions – Hey we know how important it is to know the bowling lane conditions.
  • Current Tournaments
  • Types of Bowling Scoring Systems

A Site by Bowlers for Bowlers

When we are not scheduling tournaments we live, breathe, and talk bowling. A bad day for us is a Greek church in the fast lane.

Explore our site and you can learn more about:

Different Types of Tournaments: Our tournaments consists of many types of tournaments. Each tournament has its own set of rules and bowling lane conditions.

The History of Bowling: If you've always loved bowling but never had the time to know its beginning this is a good place to start. Bowling has been around since 300 A.D. and it may be even older than that. It is one of the oldest sports that is still played today.

Youth Bowling: Kids love to bowl! Bowling teaches children about competition, improves self esteem, and is a great way to pay for higher education.

One of our first priority as a company was to acquire our own SMART account for our youth bowlers. Smart accounts are accounts that hold scholarship funds for Kids who are awarded a bowling scholarship. Learn more about what a SMART account can do for your kid.

Our site is filled with lots of bowling tips for beginners and ideas for parties and games amongst friends. Check them out!

  • Bowling Party Ideas
  • Bowling Games played amongst friends
  • Bowling Techniques
  • Bowling Lane Conditions and many more

Have You Ever Experienced a Bowling Tournament?

What is a bowling tournament all about? Money and Respect. However it's not always about that. Bowling in a tournament is also an experience.

As you walk into the alley you hear the breaking of the pins, the groan of a split, and the slaps of all the high fives for throwing a strike.

The excitement of the lanes gets to you. You see many unfamiliar faces but a few familiar faces and you smile. You know that they all face the exact same challenge as you do. You're confident that you will win the tournament however you feel a small tinge of doubt as you scan your competition.

You make sure you are polite and say hello to all your fellow competitors. You respectfully excuse yourself to put on your shoes and stretch to prepare for your first shot.

You take some practice shots before preparing for the first frame.

It's your turn. You grab your ball and find your mark.

You take a deep breath and tell yourself, "Hit your mark."

You take a step and start your release. The ball gracefully rolls off your hand and lands on your mark. It rolls and hits the pins with a loud BOOM! STRIKE!


Come experience one of our tournaments.

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Current Tournament

12 Days of Christmas

Entry: $50

When and Where:
Tues 7p-11p 12/2, 12/9
Sat 6p-10p 12/6, 12/13
Finals: Sun Dec 14, 2014

Where: Brunswick Zone Austell 2750 Austell Rd Marietta, GA (770) 435-2120

Past Tournament

National Bowling Store Beijing Sweeper

Entry: $40 4D Members, $60 Non-4D Members

When and Where:
Sun November 16, 2014 at BZ Austell

Time:10am, Check-in at 9am

No Tap Bowling 4 Bikes Charity Event

Entry: $25

When and Where:
Sun October 18, 2014 at BZ Austell

Time:2 pm

Each team will bowl 6 games, dropping their lowest handicap game for a 5 game handicap series team total.

Entry: $60 non-members, $40 4D members

When and Where:
Sun September 28, 2014 at BZ Austell

Time:Squad Times 10am and 12pm

Payout: 1:6

Each bowler will bowl 6 games across 3 pairs of lanes on the WTP oil pattern Seoul for a 6 game scratch series total.

Entry: $60 non-members, $40 4D members

When and Where:
Sun August 24, 2014 at BZ Austell

Time:Check in 9am, Starts 10am

Payout: 1:6

3 Game No Tap Series, Bowl 4 Games drop your lowest game.

Entry: $60 non-members, $40 4D members

When and Where:
Sun July 20, 2014 at BZ Austell

Time:10am and 2pm

Payout: $750 Guaranteed to First Place

The Ironman 10 Game Sweeper 2014

Entry: $80 non-members, $60 4D members

When and Where:
Sun June 22, 2014 at BZ Austell


Payout: $1000 Guaranteed to First Place

Bowling for Bikes

Our Charity event was a huge success. Mattie received a custom made bike and what made it even more special was that it was her Birthday too!

Check out the Pictures and Results!